How to format laptop easily in 2020

Do you want to format your laptop due to virus attack, slow performance, or other software issue? Then you are on the right place where you will get to everything about how to format laptop and other related quarries. Please read the below article carefully then you can easily format your laptop.

how to format laptop
how to format laptop

Many of my friends facing problems like virus problem, slow performance and many other problems they are facing. So the only way to get rid of these problems is by formatting your laptop. This is the only solution which can help you for your good performance and remove the entire virus.

Before formatting your laptop you have to backup all your important data like software, document and other important data. You can backup your all data on any portable storage devices like pendrive, CD Disk, External Hard Drive and etc. If you don’t backup then all your data will lose your data. So backup is so much important.

The process which I have given below it is same for all windows 7, windows 8, and windows 10. You don’t need to search differently “how to format laptop windows 8”, “how to format laptop windows 10”.

You can format your laptop easily without any problem. I provided some easy steps which you have to follow you can easily format you laptop.

You can get the Windows 10 ISO file from Here

How to format laptop?

Note: Step 4, 5 and 6 varies for different laptop. If you are confused then don’t proceed farther. Visit official website of your laptop and try to find your solution.

1. You need to backup all your important data.

2. You should have a Windows CD or a Bootable USB where a window is loaded.

3. Insert your Windows CD or Bootable USB then restart your laptop.

4. When your laptop is restarting you will see a option “press any key to boot from usb” or “ press <12> to change boot device” or “press any key to boot from CD or DVD”.

How to format laptop easily in 2020
press any key to boot from usb
How to format laptop easily in 2020
press <12> to change boot device
How to format laptop easily in 2020
press any key to boot from CD or DVD

5. After that screen you will see a screen which I have given below for both CD/DVD and USB

How to format laptop easily in 2020
How to format laptop easily in 2020

6. If you are formatting through USB the select your USB name then press enter and if you are using CD/DVD then also you press enter

7. When you complete these boot process then you will be in Windows setup process.

8. On the first installing page you have you select install language, time and currency format and keyboard language. Then press next.

9. Now you will see a screen of “Install Now” Click on it.

10. Then you will see a screen of Setup is starting. Wait for one minute.

11. You will see a page of terms and conditions. Check on “I accept the license term” then click on next.

12. After that page click on “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)”.

13. You will see all the drives.

14. Then select on the drive where you previously installed your windows.

15. Then click on “Format” and then a popup appears then click on OK then click next.

16. Then your laptop starts formatting successfully.

These are the steps for how to format laptop. In this way you can format your laptop and your friend’s laptop easily. I hope you will like the process. Apply the process carefully.

Is formatting a laptop good?

If your laptop or computer is virus infected then formatting is the best way to remove the entire virus. When you format your laptop or computer your system will start from scratch.

What happens when you format your laptop?

When you format your laptop then the entire data of your particular drive become erase.

Final Words

I hope you like this article of how to format laptop. If you like this post then please tell me on comment box below. If you want to ask anything regarding this post then please feel free to ask. I will definitely reply. I hope you will visit this website soon. Thank you for visiting this website.

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