Top 10 Data Entry Jobs Online from Home without Investment

If you finding for data entry jobs online from home without investment then you are at the correct place. Here on this website, I am going to provide the best 10 online data entry jobs in which you can work from your home without any investment.

Data entry jobs can do anyone whether you are a male or female, housewife, student, retired person. There is no fixed age to start a data entry jobs you can start this job at any age. You don’t need too much qualification to start a data entry job. All you need is a good typing skill and an internet connection. You don’t need to pay any registration fees or any other fees.

Those people who want to do a job from home then data entry job is the best job. You will get many data entry jobs on the internet but many of the jobs are a fraud. You have to choose the data entry job carefully otherwise your all time and effort would be wasted.

Top 10 Data Entry Jobs Online from Home without Investment
Top 10 Data Entry Jobs Online from Home without Investment

Genuine Data Entry Jobs Online from Home without Investment

  1. Convert Image to text data entry:
    You will get images that contain a paragraph of medical terminologies. The images are like screenshots. First, you have to read the paragraphs properly then you can write on Word document whatever on the image which you got.

You should have a piece of good knowledge in English because the words which are in the images are not so easy. Here you will get many medical terminologies that are not similar to regular English. You have to be families with medical terminologies otherwise it will be so much hard for you. So do your work carefully without making any mistakes.

  1. Convert Audio to text data entry:
    You will be given an audio file that you have to convert to a text file. You have to listen to the audio file carefully and write whatever you heard on the audio.

You should have good listening skills because sometimes the qualities of the audios are not so clear. Also, you have a good writing skill to write whatever you heard on the audio file. You can’t make any mistake otherwise you will not be paid.

  1. Simple Data Entry Job:
    In this job, you will be provided with a PDF file and you have you write whatever on the PDF file. You have to write on MS Office. You should have a good typing speed because you have submitted the task on the property given time. Also, you should have good knowledge in English because it is important for this data entry job.

You will get Rs 10- Rs 20 per page but sometimes it varies.

  1. Online Form Filling Jobs:
    In this online form filling job, you will be given by huge data and an online form. You have to fill the data from the database into the online form. You will get data like Customer name, age, address, phone number, email address, bank details, etc. These detail you have to fill into the online form carefully without making any mistakes.
  2. Online Survey Data Entry Jobs:
    In this online survey data entry job, you will get many simple questions that you have to answer. You have to answer the question properly. You can get up to 50 questions which you have to answer properly. A survey can take up to 5 to 15 minutes depending upon the topics.

Some companies want feedback from the customers so they provide online surveys. Many companies provide online surveys they are Swagbucks, ysense, timebucks, prizerebel, opinion world, amazon survey, and many more.

  1. Copy Paste Online Job:
    Here in this copy paste online job you just need to copy text, number, letters from PDF to Word, Word to Excel, PDF to excel. This job is not so difficult but you need to do this copy paste job carefully without making any single mistake.

Here if you don’t have so much knowledge in English and don’t have typing speed then also you can do this job easily.

  1. Captcha Solving Job:
    Captcha Solving job means you will get an image of a word, letter, number, or both number and letter in the image. You just need to type on the below empty box whatever you see on the image.

If you correctly solve the captcha then you can earn 1 or 2 cents. If you want to earn more money by solving captcha then you need a lot of patience. This captcha solving job is simple just you need the patience to earn a lot of money.

  1. Captioning Job:
    Captioning jobs are like you have to write the title of a blog or write a caption for an image. It is a simple job just you need to be creative. You have to think creatively about what you want to write as a title or an image caption. You can get this job from a news website and news channels.

Nowadays social media influencers are also hired caption writers for their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. You can contact a social media influencer for this caption writing job.

  1. Data Formatting Online Job:
    In this data formatting online job, you will be provided with a word file. In the word file, the content is not formatted. You have to format the data properly like arranging the text into a paragraph, arranging alignment, bolding words, giving a title, listing, and so on. Here you have a good knowledge of English and English grammar also.
  2. Website Content Writer:
    If you want to be a content writer than it is so easy you just need to set up a blog that you can set up on any platform like blogger or WordPress. Both the platform is good at its points.

You can write anything informative on your blog. If you have an interest in something then you can write about the interesting topic. If you earn money from the blog then monetize your blog with Google Adsense.

Final Words
These are the top best ways to start a data entry job online from home without investment. I hope you will get this information useful.

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